Subscription Policy


1. Free Trial:

Your LTIBTUO Marketing Vs Advertising (LTIBTUO) Subscription begins with a 24 Hour Free Trial. Your Free Trial will begin after your login details are sent to the email and mobile number provided at signup. After your Free Trial has expired, your card will be billed according to your selected plan unless cancelled prior to trial expiration. You may cancel your trial at anytime without penalty or fee.

2. Pricing:

If you decide to continue with service after your Free Trial has expired, your card will be billed in the amount as follows:

  • $35 (plus tax) for LTIBTUO MVA plan

and every month thereafter until cancelled. 

3. Non-Payment

If payment is unsuccessful on scheduled invoice due date, service may be interrupted. We will attempt to process payment on two additional occasions, 2 days apart. If payment is successful, your subscription and access to content will be reactivated. If final attempt is unsuccessful our system will automatically cancel your account. There will be no additional payment owed. You may reactivate your subscription at any time by resubscribing.

4. Cancel Service:

You may cancel your trial/subscription at any time without penalty by logging into your Subscriber Portal at and selecting the Cancel Subscription option from the Subscriptions tab. If you cancel your subscription, access to marketing materials and weekly updates will continue until the end of your trial/billing period; you will not be billed any further.

5. Support:

You may also contact us via email at

6. Contact Information:

It is your responsibility to ensure your contact information is accurate and up to date as this is how we communicate important information to you regarding your Subscription. 

Thank you again for choosing IBTU!